Taunoa feedback page

Here you can post whatever you want to say about Taunoa: report bugs, suggestions and more ...
But please don't post links to advertise yourself.

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  1. Please post your feedback here :D

  2. Hello! I love the look of Taunoa, exactly as stated is a refreshing look to the default textures without losing the original feel; but as a shaders user, I would like it to have POM support too.

    The normals are already there, if you guys can, just make them act as a height map instead of a bump map.

    Keep the good work!

  3. Love the pack. However what components to install to use this properly with Shaders aren't clear. I see a 'complete' versions, shaders 'extras' version and shaders entity addon. the instructions don't specify what order these three go in or if all three are even needed (had to toy around to find out). Aside from that, keep up the great work!